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Little Alien Baby

Even though she had expected his, when the Doctor confirmed her suspicions, it didn’t stop her heart from breaking even more. She lay numbly in the bed, staring at nothing in particular, tears slowly sliding down her cheeks. Their baby was dead. And it was all her fault. She knew how excited he was about being a father again. He’d even gone and decorated the nursery months before. After a while, she turned to him, sniffling.

"D-Doctor," she whispered, not quite knowing what to say. "I’m s-sorry. I killed our baby, I miscarried. I should’ve taken more precautions, I should’ve listened to the midwife." She was close to breaking down, oh so close. "It’s my fault. If I’d told you earlier I wasn’t feeling right, we may still have a baby. I’m so sorry." That was all it took for her to break down entirely.

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    She shook her head. “Stop. Stop saying it like that. Please, we don’t need to move in together again, just as long as we...
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    “Rose—” He snapped, stopping himself at once with pursed lips. “I’ve not changed for the better. And I’ll tell you right...